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Shaktivana erotic massage sex in Bern

Shaktivana Institut - Tantra massage in Bern

The institut Shaktivana is an tantra massage parlor located in Bern city in the district of Langgasse-Felsenau. This institut is specialised in tantra and erotic massages and receive only by appointment.

Adress: Langgasse-Felsenau - 3012 Bern
Country: Switzerland
GPS: 46.958757 / 7.427187
Phone: +41 76 321 21 18
Website: Shaktivana website

Description of the Shaktivana erotic massage parlor

Type Erotic massage parlor in Bern
Sex practices -
Other services Erotic massage, tantra massage, sensual massage
Girls about 3 ladies at anytime
Rates Free entrance and about 200CHF the one-hour tantra massage
Opening hours Monday t saturday from 9am to 9pm

Location of the Shaktivana tantra massage center

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